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Another study related to this issue is Dr. Anna Bingo discovered that when he saw the play the piano part of the brain associated with typical responses give literally, and this explains why each player playing style evolve a professional piano interpretation of this is true. While it seems trite as a result of these studies we can conclude it is true that the brain has a great capacity to adapt and also retains plasticity on a person's life, but for this to happen constantly challenged to learn new things. Although this activity is to learn to play a musical instrument, and more than that, even if the piano. As music teacher Shinichi Suzuki in appropriate and enough practice environment he said, anyone can become an excellent player. Describe

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CogniShield-2-696x449.jpg http://www Picture Box
The brains of pianists while performing pump inside the brain associated with the Mediterranean micro-blood people with the engine.
Dr. Timo
While these changes in blood flow in both mastered the skill in this efficiency pianists of your mind develops through changes in the central groove and some changes in the functions of the front
Lobe. This is really impressive because the frontal lobe is responsible for the integration of information from the outside, along with the decision. This region of the brain plays a key role in solving the problem, language, spontaneity, decision-making and social behavior.


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